FREE Login to SDO-X Global CBT Server

Good news to every SDO-X Global Dancer!

In this coming Hari Raya, SDO-X Global Team Management would like to invite you to join “Open House” in SDO-X Global CBT Server.

For SDO-X Global Dancer that DID NOT PURCHASE CBT PASS, you can download SDO-X Global CBT Server & FREE to login with the details below:

Date START: 4 June 2019, Time: 10am
Date END: 6 June 2019, Time: 11:59:59pm
FREE Access Password: cibraya2019

Different between CBT Pass user:

This event DID NOT AFFECTED to CBT Pass purchase user.
For existing CBT Pass purchase user OR wish to purchase CBT Pass user, your login account & password will REMAIN the SAME with SDO-X Alchemist World: Wonderland server.

SDO-X Global Team Management wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya & enjoy our SDO-X Global in this special festival.

CBT Pass Purchase:
CBT Full Client Download:

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