New Avatars at Luxury House

We have took the opportunity to renew luxury house during this update! When you enter the Item Shop, you'll be welcomes with four fantastic avatar sets that are ready to add new sparks and shine to your characters! That's not all, there are a lot more avatars lining up in days to come so stay tuned!

Flying Pets

As our players grown stronger on the dancefloor, pets are also silently gaining new strength! This coming update, we will introduce brand new series of pets that are capable of flight! Be sure to bring more than nets to catch them if you want one for yourself!

Flying Pets

Bat Witch Bear Butterfly

New System

As an additional security to ensure SDO-X players are safe, we have introduce a verification code system during login. But even with this added security, we still strongly advice players to keep their account safe and avoid exposing their account details to other players. As a reminder, SDO-X Team will never ask for your password.

1. Verification Code during login

2. Anti Bot System

In order to provide a safe and fair environment to all players, anti bot has been put in place to prevent unfair play during the game. Anti bot also serves as an alternative way to award players with some extra GPoints.

Anti Bot System Tutorial:

  1. Anti bot system will pop up at random with a series of pictures.
  2. Match the picture from the four choices below with the one on top.

  3. If the answer is correct, you'll be awarded with some GPoint.

Daily Mission

Idling around SDO-X City and short of GPoint to get new avatars? How about giving the new Daily Mission a try? By completing these missions, you'll be able to get yourself awesome avatars that's unique to this feature!

Players can accept various of daily missions from the SDO-X City (3 missions per day)

  1. Mission available
  2. Accepted mission
  3. Completed mission and award can be claim

    You can view more information regarding the mission by pressing on available mission.

3. Accepting mission

4. Completing mission

Claiming awards

Mission awards can be used to exchange various of items.

  1. Exchange button
  2. Current possesion
  3. Mission list

    Guild Club is a new system for guild in this version.