First time player starts at Training Camp.

    Select the [Setting] icon from the upper right corner of the game room and enter the game setting interface.


Adorable expressions are loved by male and female alike. In SDO-X waiting room, when you are waiting, you will definitely chat with other players or do some moves to make the beauty smile? These moves might pierce the girl's heart. Create a room in the game and while waiting for the game to start, players can use the 4 direction keys to move around in the room. Other than the chat box at the bottom, player have chat bubbles too! Players can even use different words to perform corresponding movements.


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Super Dancer Online - Extreme uses two separate but similar way to run the game, you can enjoy the comfort of your seat and dance with your fingers, or you can actually dance and sweat, who says you can't actually feel the game? If you want to "dance like there's no tomorrow", no problem! The dance pad is here! The real moves matches perfectly with the virtual game, this is how SDO-X -- the all new online music dancing type healthy game weaves game and real life together. So what's the difference between using the keyboard and the dance pad? Firstly, it's mode selection: Players have to choose between dancing pad and keyboard in the game area server selection interface. The default setting is in dance pad mode. When players select dance pad and enters game, the few game functions for keyboard will be disabled. Next, it's the common functions: Players who use dance pads can select with arrows and press the right upper corner arrow to run function to confirm selection, and at the same time it won't hide the keys of the keyboard before entering game, so there can be two types of mode functions! Finally there's the in-game tool usage function: During the game, players can attack through continuous hits, and we can use these attacks through stepping on keys or keyboard and disturb other players! The most important thing is that you have fun and build your body at the same time!