Partner Mode

Start a Partner Team with a boy and girl character. Partner Team can enter Couple Mode competition and play against 2 other random teams.

Every team has a Level Point. Winning in Couple Mode competition will increase team level and individual's Charm points. Losing will decrease team level.

Team level have a range between 0 ~ 1000. Each Partner Team starts at level 200. The level affects opponent match up and chance of Crystal appearing.

Creating Partner Team

1. Press the Partner button in the lobby.

2. If you do not have a team, it will pop up Create Partner Team window.

Leader requirement:
- Must be level 10 or above
- Team creation requires 260MCash

Partner recruit requirement:
- Must be level 10 or above
- Must be in the same channel as leader

Battle rule:
- Newly created team will be at level 200
- Partner team will match up against other random teams
- Winning Couple Mode competition will increase level, losing will decrease level
- Crystal can be obtain from Couple Mode to be exchange for crystal effects.

3. After creating a Partner Team, pressing the Partner button will bring up Partner Team window.

Pressing Invite Partner will bring up this window:

Enter the partner name in the same channel to send invitation:

The partner-to-be will receive the invite notification:

If they click Agree, they will be partner up as a team:

The leader will receive the confirmation and partner profile will show both members:

Changing team leader:

Dismissing team:

Kicking partner:


Leader can register into competition as a team by clicking the Registration button.

1. Registration can only be done within specific competition time
2. Partner must be in the same channel

In Couple Mode competition, the system will automatically match up against other team based on team level:

1. Leader or partner leaving the Competition lobby will be disqualify from the competition.
2. Player will enter the room alone if their team member disconnect; but if both members disconnect, they will be disqualify from the competition.
3. After system matched up with other teams, they will be send to their own room.

Game preparation:

  • Each team will be automatically assign to their own team colour.
  • There will be no room host and viewer is disabled.
  • Contestants won't be able to leave room unless client is forcefully closed.
  • If team member from a team is disconnected and doesn't return before countdown ends, team with missing member will be kicked back to channel selection. The remaining complete team will go back to lobby and wait for other match up.
  • Mode is automatically set to Couple Mode
  • Background is automatically set to Airport
  • Song will be randomly selected based on the following conditions:
    • Team level 0 - 100, random song at level 5 or above
    • Team level 301 - 600, random song at level 9 or above
    • Team level 601 or above, random song between 11 or above
    • Game will automatically start after 30 seconds

Competition Result

Winners will be the highest total score of both team member. Remaining teams will lose.

Level increase/decrease table:


  • If a team member game over, the team will receive 0 score regardless.
  • if a team member disconnect, the team will be disqualified.

After the game ended, all players will enter a lucky draw mini-game. The prizes will be based on the level categories.

Lucky Draw Mini-Game

Three boxes will appear and the middle box will contain the prize. After flashes for 3 seconds, the box will be mix around numerous times and the times it moves are based on level categories as followed:

Difficulty 1: Mix around 10 times in 10 seconds

Difficulty 2: Mix around 15 times in 10 seconds

Difficulty 3: Mix around 20 times in 10 seconds

Difficulty 4: Mix around 25 times in 10 seconds

Difficulty 5: Mix around 30 times in 10 seconds

After the mixing is complete, player can pick one of the three box to get their prize.

There are two different kind of boxes:

  • Empty Box: Display "What A Shame" and shows you the Prize Box
  • Prize Box: Receive the prizes
  • If player did not pick any box within 5 seconds, they will be consider Give Up.

After the mini-game, a window will appear for team leader asking if they wish to continue participating in the competition.

  • If leader chooses to continue, the team will return to competition lobby
  • If leader chooses to leave, the team will return to channel selection
  • If leader disconnected, the team will be return to channel selection

Redeem Crystal Prize

Unlocking Prize
Prizes will unlock according to team level. At level 200, 3 prizes will already be unlocked by default; but if team level is decreased, prizes will be lock again. Players are only able to redeem prizes that are unlocked to them.

Exchange Condition

Every prize have their own item cost to exchange and they require different amount of Crystals and Rainbow Crystals. Some even need Diamonds (not consumed).

Once player successfully exchange for the prize, they will receive the effect card. After equipping the card, player can renew it to keep it from expire.

Total Item Requires
1 Green Diamond, 2 Green Diamond, 3 Green Diamond,
1 Red Diamond, 2 Red Diamond, 3 Red Diamond,
1Silver Diamond, 2Silver Diamond, 3Silver Diamond,
1Gold Diamond, 2Gold Diamond, 3Gold Diamond,
1 Angel