SDO-X Global Account Activation


Waiting no more!!!
SDO-X Team Management is inviting you to join SDO-X Global Close Beta Test with us!

If you wish to join SDO-X Global Close Beta Test, you will have to BUY CBT Pass via SDO-X Event Station & activate your SDO-X Global CBT Account.

Price: 1950 M-Point (RM15)
What will you get:
– Exclusive OBT Gift (You will only received it during SDO-X Global Open Beta)
*Male: Cassiopeia Suit x30 Days + FLY Silver Feathers Wings x14 Days
*Female: Cygnus Suit x30 Days + FLY Silver Feathers Wings x14 Days

– Access into SDO-X Global CBT to play FIRST
– 1950 M-Point in your SDO-X Character
*All the avatar in Item shop G-Point & M-Point section will be selling 10G-Point & 10M-Point at SDO-X Global CBT Item Shop


Terms & Conditions:
1. Ensure your ID is OFFLINE.
2. Ensure there is SUFFICIENT M-Point available at the time of purchase.
3. Items are issued immediately after successful purchase and not eligible for refund.
4. Items sold in this sales does not increase in-game Popularity Point and not transferable to third-party character.
5. CiB Net Station reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

1.Type your Game Account(Game Username) & Password, then press [Login]:

2. Choose [Online Web Shop], and choose [CBT Pass]:

3. Click [CBT Pass], which will DEDUCT 1950 MPoint from your SDO-X Season 3 Alchemist’s Account:

4. System will show [Activate Success], Press [OK] to close the page and you may login to SDO-X Global Close Beta Test Server anytime:

IF you wish to report bugs, you are welcome to contact:
– SDO-X Official Facebook Fanspage:

– Customer Service:
Contact: 03-5022 3018

IF you wish to communicate with SDO-X Global Dancers about this update, you are welcome to join:
– (Non-Official)Facebook: [SDO-X] Community Group: