General Problem:

Q: Where can I download SDO-X Full Client?
A: You can download SDO-X Full Client here.

Q: Where can I register an account?
A: You can register here. We always suggest player register with unique name & remember √ I have read and agree to the terms and condition.

Q: How can I change password via CiBMall Account?
A: Login to your CiBMall Account > GAMES Account > SDO-X > Password Modification > Select the SDO-X Account and change the password.

Q: If I forgot CiBMall account details, can I change my SDO-X Account details?
A: Please download the PIF form from the link listed below. Fill up the form and attached with your photocopy of IC and email to xdo@cibmall.net . LINK for PIForm.

Q: What can I do if my account have been blocked?
A: You can:
- Contact our Customer Service: 03 8023 8315
- E-mail to: xdo@cibmall.net
- Facebook PM

Computer Setting Problem:

Q: If I facing BUGS report issue when I playing, what can I do?

For Window 7 user:
A: If you facing bugs, kindly follow this steps to let it re-patch again:
Kindly turn off your laptop/pc UAC, mean User Account Control setting
Go to Control Panal > User Account & Family Safety > User Account > Change User Account Control Setting
and adjust to never notify, and follow the tutorial

For Window 8 user:
A: If you are using Windows 8, kindly follow the step below:
Go to the Search Column and type [Change User Account Settings] > In the console, change the settings as per your requirement. If you want to disable it, you can keep it at [Never notify] > Click OK

Q: Why I cannot play in Full Screen?
A: Is your graphic card setting problem.
1. Go into your Resolution options.
2. When you have changed the res to what you need, Click advanced settings.
3. The top tab should say something like "Intel(R) Graphics and Media control panel", Click it.
4. Go to the scaling drop tab and select "Scale Full Screen" and Apply it.
5. Go back to your Resolution options and set the screen back to your preferred Resolution Settings
6. Test your game to see if it worked. Demo

Q: Why my SDO-X will auto close when I trying to setting to "Play in Full Screen"?
A: You need to change your SDO-X Compatibility:
1. Right Click SDO-X Icon
2. Click Properties
3. Click Compatibility
4. Go to Compatibility Mode, TICK at Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 7 or Windows XP

Q: How can I type Chinese Font or viewing Chinese words in SDO-X?
A: You need to change system locale. Kindly follow the step: Start > Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Change keyboard or other input methods > Administrative (tab) > Change system locale > Chinese (Simplified, PRC) > Restart your PC or Laptop

Q: Why my SDO-X will auto close after login?
A: SDO-X need 4GB of RAM & 2GB of Graphic Card to support it.

Q: Where to check my RAM & Graphic Card?
A: Kindly follow the steps below:
Right click My Computer (Icon)Properties, check the Installed Memory (RAM)

Graphic Card:
Control PanelAppearanceDisplayScreen Resolution > Advance Setting > Total Available Graphic Memory

Q: Why I cannot find the screensave or record folder after I Save a video in SDO-X?
A: Kindly use Search function that already build in at your PC/Laptop. Start > Search (column) > Type: screensave or record (depends on what folder you want to find)> Enter, should be find it out inside your PC/Laptop.

Manual Patch Problem:

Q: How to install Manual Patch after download?
A: Here is the tutorial of How to Install Manual Patch.
*Video Tutorial

Maintenance time:

Q: When is the weekly maintenance for SDO-X?
A: Normally SDO-X will having weekly maintenance at Thursday, time: 12pm until 2pm.

Reload Problem:

Q: Where can reload CiBMall point / SDO-X Newbie Card to SDO-X Account:
A: Here is the link that you can reload into your SDO-X Account.

Q: Where can I purchase MPoint/ CiBMall point card?

For online purchase:
A: You can purchase it here:
CiB Pay

For on-ground purchase:
A: You can purchase Hotlink Prepaid Card OR go to the nearest Cyber Cafe to purchase it

In-game system problem

Q: When can I joining SDO-X In-Game Competition?
A: You can check it here.
*In-Game Competition will deduct 5000 GPoint each time if you take part.

Q: How can I get married in SDO-X?
A: Your couple and you must have Level 4 Charm Level, & both of you must have the same type of married ring to get married.
*Married Detail
*Ring Detail

Q: How can I create a Guild:
A: To Create Guild:
Minimum terms: Character must reach Level 25 & above, and need to purchase [Family Create Card - 294 MPoint] at Item Shop.
You can recruit 150 members(maximum) by purchase [Family Expand Card - 150 = 2800 MPoint] at Item Shop.
If you wish to dismiss the guild, you need to purchase [Family Dismiss Card - 588 MPoint] at Item Shop.
*Create Guild Tutorial

Q: Why I cannot see the latest promotion items in Item Shop?
A: Follow the steps below:
1. Close SDO-X Client
2. Delete setinfo.dat & iteminfo.dat that inside your SDO-X folder
3. Re-open your SDO-X Client
4. Go to SDO-X In-Game Item Shop (will take longer time to load)
5. Then check back the Items or Avatar, should be no problem.