11th Anniversary Sale

This year, SDO-X Team Management is celebrating 11th Anniversary Sale to everyone via ONLINE.
Every year, SDO-X Team Management also will trying our best to come out various type of Pack(s) & Item(s) to fulfilled everyone needs.
Few days ago, we have received a lots of request from our loyal dancers, we hope the sale can fulfilled you.

LINK: https://secure2.cib.com.my/xdo/

Date: 8, 9 & 10 December 2018
Time: From 8 December 2018,10am until 10 December 2018,11:59pm




Date: 8 December 2018
Time: 10am until 11:59pm


Date: 9 December 2018
Time: 10am until 11:59pm


Terms & Conditions:
1. Ensure your ID is OFFLINE.
2. Ensure there is SUFFICIENT M-Point available at the time of purchase.
3. Ensure your ID have SUFFICIENT Mailbox space to received Pack(s)/ Item(s).
4. Items are issued immediately after successful purchase and not eligible for refund.
5. Items sold in this sales does not increase in-game Popularity Point and not transferable to third-party character.
6. CiB Net Station reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

1. Press [Login]:

2. Type the Xdo Account(Game Username) & Password, then press [Login]:

3. Choose [Online Web Shop], and choose [11th Anniversary Sale]:

4. Click and choose the Pack/ Item that you want to purchase:
After choose, will become BLUE colour
You can deselect it and will become to WHITE colour

5. Click [Proceed] after choose to purchase:

6. Check your [Order Item] & [Total], click [Purchase] if is correct; click [Cancel] if is wrong:

7. You will received the message [Successful Purchase] & [Total Deduct] for your purchase
You can choose to click [Back] for continue your shopping: