CiBmall Games can use E Wallet to top up now!

CiBmall Games can use E Wallet to top up now!

CiBmall has partnered with Revenue Monster, launch E Wallet as top up channels now.  All CiBmall players can now use below channels to top up to the games:

1) Wechat Malaysia
2) Wechat China
3) Presto
4) Boost
Current available games are: Tian Long Ba Bu, MAT2, SDO-X, Wulin Online, Tian Zi Online and MoSiang Online.

How to use E Wallet to top up?
1. Go to your game reload page, after select [Premium Online Channel], click on [E Wallet] button.
2. Step 1: Enter your [Game Account]
Step 2: Enter your [Email]
Step 3:Select the top up amount (GST included)
Step 4:tick √ I’m not a robot
Lastly click [ Confirm ] button
3. System will direct you to the E Wallet page, choose on the E Wallet that you would like to use.
After click on the E Wallet you prefer, confirm the amount and click “Purchase Now”。Then the page will pop up with a QR Code, please use your phone to open the particular APPS to scan, then you can start top up now.

With E Wallet top up service, you can top up to your favorite games in safer and easier way! If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

Contact Number: +603 – 5022 3018 | office time: MON – FRI | 08:30 to 18:30 (GMT +8)

Thank You!