SDO-X Global Full Client Installer


Waiting no more!!!
SDO-X Team Management is inviting you to join SDO-X Global Close Beta Test with us!

SDO-X Global Close Beta Test is a server that is for TESTING & DEBUGGING purpose usage, & also for our loyal SDO-X Dancers to advance enjoy our NEW update, feature before Open Beta.

All the data in SDO-X Global Close Beta Test will be WIPE OFF and WILL NOT bring forward to SDO-X Global Open Beta. SDO-X Dancers can open all the daily giftbox without hesitation!

If you have decided to join SDO-X Global Close Beta Test, you can proceed to download SDO-X Global FULL CLIENT Installer HERE

*This time will have 2 different WIN version of installer, kindly make sure which WIN version that you using before download :
1. WIN7 or WIN8
2. WIN10

*You are advise to use Thunder Downloader to download

You can login to play SDO-X Global CBT server with the details below:
START Date: 17 April 2019, Time: 3pm
Server choosing: Wonderland
END Date: Will be announce when is confirmed

CBT System:
– 10G-Point & 10M-Point for all avatar & item in Item Shop
– TOTAL 1022 Songs
– DATA will WIPE OFF even you open daily giftbox

NEW Game Mode:
– Free Mode
– Rainbow Mode

NEW Features:
– Song Note’s Rings
– Horoscope Guardian
– Angel Wishes Pond
– Treasure House
– Lighten Love Tree
– Puzzle System
– Rainbow Mission

NEW Achievement:
– CHARM point level
– Badge Professor

IF you wish to report bugs, you are welcome to contact:
– SDO-X Official Facebook Fanspage:

– Customer Service:
Contact: 03-5022 3018

IF you wish to communicate with SDO-X Global Dancers about this update, you are welcome to join:
– (Non-Official)Facebook: [SDO-X] Community Group:

IF you unable to START game, kindly check the solution that show as below:
SOLUTION 1: Run as Administrator
1. Right click SDO-X Global game icon
2. Click Properties
3. Click Compatibility(Tab at Top)
4. Go to Privilege Level, TICK: Run this program as an administrator
5. Click Apply & OK

SOLUTION 2: Change SDO-X Global Compatibility
1. Right Click SDO-X Icon
2. Click Properties
3. Click Compatibility(Tab at Top)
4. Go to Compatibility Mode, TICK at Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 7 or Windows 8

SOLUTION 3: Change to GOOGLE DNS(Tutorial)
Google DNS: